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Luxury Experience
Most of the garments that become part of my collections are born from personal needs or from those collected over the years among my client friends. It often happens that the needs are so personal that they do not justify a series production. Others, on the other hand, simply because the customer is so unique as is the event in which he must participate that he needs personalized advice, often with four hands, during which he participates in the creative process of what will become a “ONE of ONE” garment. in her wardrobe. Uno di Uno because it was born on the specific information received from the customer and which often requires a careful search for the right material, as well as accessories, linings and stylistic details that will make it unique. Never a head of the ONE of ONE service can be reproduced for another customer. However, it may happen that a ONE of ONE garment ends up becoming part of the collection, making the first piece made even more precious and that will become an authentic and precious artifact passed into my hands. The production process is divided into four phases: “creative, research, development and production”. Delivery times can range from 9 weeks to 15 weeks. Only the most exclusive and select customers in the world can access the ONE of ONE service. A luxury service for a few that I don’t always accept to take on if I don’t find it stimulating enough for my creativity.