my ART

I started taking the first steps in this type of art with wax crayons, then I fell in love with the oil technique, but having started as self-taught and having my own personal vision of what I wanted to see realized on the canvas when the work was finished, I applied this ancient technique with modern subjects and colors. I went through different moments in which one subject prevails over another, one color scheme over another and then I end up experimenting with other types of paints such as acrylic. We did not fall in love at all and have always returned to oil. The first love, to the point that, when during the pandemic I experimented with the mixed technique I learned to love even more the oil that today I mix in the same work with glued paper, acrylic markers and any other material and / or pigment that allows me to reach the purpose has always been clear in my mind even before buying the material to make it.
By chance or perhaps thanks to my main activity as a fashion designer, I made sure that some of my works crossed the world of art to end up in the world of fashion, reproducing digitally on silk some of them both as women’s scarves and as home design objects……….read more