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Welcome in my website! Allow me tell you something about myself

I was fortunate enough to be born in Italy, where beauty and art permeate every corner. Raised in a family preserving the ancient art of Neapolitan tailoring since the late 1800s, I was encouraged to explore and engage with diverse cultures worldwide. Numerous Christmases in Paris, summer holidays spanning the south of France to the United States of America, and the distinct privilege of immersing myself in the fascinating culture of Japan have fueled my creativity. This exposure has not only influenced my endeavors in fashion but also steered me towards ventures in marketing and art.

Art, a long-standing passion of mine, seamlessly intertwines with the family business of fashion. My scarves and paintings have journeyed to exhibitions in Tokyo, Brussels, and Miami, embodying the intersection of diverse influences. However, despite the demand, I was unwilling to part with these creations.

Everything changed with the onset of the 2020 pandemic, confining me to a world devoid of travel but abundant in time for introspection. In this newfound stillness, I dedicated my days to crafting innovative fabrics and designing jackets and shirts. Simultaneously, I delved into experimenting with novel canvas painting techniques, exploring fresh subjects and methods of applying color.

These newfound artistic pursuits prompted me to contemplate sharing my Spartan pictorial art with the global audience, mirroring the approach I’ve always taken with my fashion creations. Hence, the MARio project was conceived—a unique fusion of lifestyle, luxury, fashion, art, and collecting encapsulated in a singular BOX.

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