Originally conceived to be primarily made of linen, the Capri Shirt features a soft collar, an original closure with elastic loops, and three-quarter sleeves. It’s a summer shirt, comfortable and cool, perfect for your beach holidays. The body is square-shaped, just like the bottom, which has two convenient side openings to allow for greater comfort

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The Island of Capri

The Faraglioni

Faraglioni of Capri: These imposing rock formations are among the most iconic symbols of the island. Located off the coast of Naples in Italy, Capri is renowned for its stunning natural beauty and rich history. The three Faraglioni, named “Stella,” “Faraglione di Mezzo,” and “Faraglione di Fuori,” offer a breathtaking view and are also the ideal spot to capture spectacular photos.

flax plant (linen)

Why in Linen?

The linen offers several advantages for summer clothing, including:

  1. Breathability: it allows air to circulate freely, keeping the body cool during hot days.
  2. Moisture absorption: it absorbs moisture from the skin, maintaining a feeling of freshness even in high humidity conditions.
  3. Lightness: the lightweight and soft fabric is perfect for summer months.
  4. Anti-allergenic properties: resistant to allergens, it is suitable for people with sensitive skin.
  5. Durability: despite its lightness, it is durable and can withstand prolonged wear