Some things you should know

2024, 01.26
by C.L.M.


The men’s suit, especially an elegant one like a tuxedo, takes on fundamental importance as it represents not only impeccable style but also a sign of respect for the occasion. Wearing a tuxedo goes beyond a simple clothing choice; it is a statement of elegance and awareness of social conventions. Its refined presence at formal events underscores attention to detail and the desire to stand out in a significant context. The tuxedo, with its classic design and sophisticated aura, becomes a symbol of sophistication, conveying the idea of an individual attentive to their appearance and respectful of traditions. Wearing a tuxedo is, therefore, not just a clothing choice but a declaration of refinement and respect for the special occasion in which it is worn


– Neapolitan tailoring, renowned for its craftsmanship and distinctive style, has made significant contributions to the creation of the ideal dinner shirt
– Our smoking shirt is the result of a harmonious fusion between the excellent craftsmanship of Neapolitan tailoring and the formal elegance of the smoking jacket. It is designed to complement and enhance the overall ensemble, providing an essential element for an impeccable formal look

– Soft or wing collar, but both to be worn with a bow tie. Jewel buttons or hidden from view by a particular front fold that covers them. Cuffs strictly French for use with cufflinks.


The tuxedo, as a formal garment, has an interesting history dating back to the 19th century. The attire was introduced by Henry Poole & Co., a renowned London tailor, in 1865, who created the first ‘smoking jacket’ for Prince Albert Edward, future King Edward VII of the United Kingdom. Initially, the tuxedo was conceived as an outfit to be worn after dinner in private residences to protect formal clothing from tobacco smoke


WHEN TO WEAR IT: According to etiquette, the tuxedo is considered appropriate evening wear for formal events such as dinners, ceremonies, or evening shows. It should be worn correctly with a white shirt with a wing collar, a bow tie or black tie, black trousers matching the jacket, and formal shoes

COLOR AND STYLE: The dinner jacket is black or dark blue. It features satin or silk peak lapels. The shirt is white, and the bow tie or tie must be black to adhere to the evening dress code. A distinctive detail of the trousers is the presence of a side stripe made of the same material as the lapel, along the outer seam of the pants. The bottom of dinner pants is without a cuff, contributing to a clean and formal appearance